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Creating a viral TikTok trend for

Dermot Kennedy

For this campaign, we spotted a "chain-mail" style trend happening on TikTok where creators were prompting their followers to use the same sound in the content by adding the text "So apparently if you use this sound within 5 minutes of finding it things will workout". We ran a "Challenge" style campaign, where creators only got paid out for hitting X amount of engagement, to encourage them to make the content sticky and viral.

The results?

A chain-mail style frenzy!!

The challenge went live at 5pm and it was DYNAMITE!!! It was wrapped up by following morning with 157 videos and 2.4M views in under 24 hours, with the content continuing to grow throughout the week and hitting 9M views after 7 days. The best part is, we managed to get an abundance of videos and UGC that wasn't paid for, due to not hitting the payout check points in time. The full campaign has now hit 18.3M views and the TikTok sound has 227K videos.

TikTok also responded by adding it to the discovery page. 👇

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