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How we created over 100M+ views 

on TikTok for Jethro Heston

For this campaign we helped launch the new release of 'Cut Me Loose' by Jethro Heston. We approach this as a 2 part strategy, starting by using the Zebr "Challenge" feature which allowed the community of influencers to take part posting content and compete to win prizes for the best engagment. Following this, we could analyse the pool of content produced and spot which communities engaged the most and then  "cherry picked" similar creators who aligned with this.

The results?

3,000+ video later, it was mission accomplished! 


We achieved 310 videos and accumulated 100M views with a great mix of macro and micro creators, which created a domino effect to push the UGC on TikTok to over 3000+ video creations.

The noise made on TikTok also helped the song chart in the Official top 50 chart and get prime time spins on Radio 1.

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