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Launching Mau P - 'Drugs From Amsterdam' from a new sound to 100 million Spotify streams!

Getting new sounds off the ground on TikTok is always rewarding for us and this one was no different! Drugs From Amsterdam by Mau P was a particularly fun one because of it's strong placement in the dance/house music space 🕺

As this was a completely new song and sound to TikTok, we knew we could push this into any creator niche we liked... so we decided to push it everywhere!! We launched multiple global open brief challenges to get the best posts from all of our creators.

The results?

SO many of our creators wanted to jump on board this insanely catchy track, and we resulted in 500+ TikTok posts from our influencers!!

These posts were so creative and engaging - we achieved 68M+ views and counting!! The track currently sits at 95,000,000+ streams on Spotify, the first of the producer's tracks to hit this mark 🎉








Our 500+ posts caused a snowball effect, where other creators started posting organic content too, eventually achieving 15,000+ new posts on the sound!!

Some even more incredibly impressive stats about the song - don't take it from us, take it from Billboard!

500+ posts

68M+ views

15K+ UGC

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