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How to find and contact producers / songwriters

Before you can send your music to influencers on Zebr and become a rockstar, you need to write and produce some songs first! Here's an out-of-the-box way to find producers and songwriters.

Find a Spotify playlist that you like

Let's say you you're looking to write and create a Jazz influenced track. Go to Spotify and search "Jazz playlist".

Found a song that you like?

  • Press the three dots next to the song

  • Go to "Song credits"

Here you will find everyone involved in that song. Including who wrote and/or produced the song.

Sliding into the DM's...

Now that you have found some songwriters and producers you want want to work with. Let's contact them... Go to Instagram and search for their names. Once you have found their profile, DM (direct message) them saying you would love the work together, etc.

Rinse and repeat

Since posted this information on the Zebr instagram last month, we have had multiple messages success stories messages from artists connecting to new songwriters and producers!

Let us know how you get on! And once you write your next hit song, come back and submit it to influencers on Zebr to get it heard!


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