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Custom-building a TikTok filter to drive UGC on an iconic catalogued ABBA track! 🚀

Reviving an iconic song for ABBA was incredibly important to us, so to drive UGC and ensure a successful campaign, we of course made a filter! 

Our on-board filter creator made a custom TikTok filter for our creators to use, encouraging other organic posts to be created using the filter and sound! 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

The results?

Through a singular challenge campaign, we generated 60+ posts and 2.3M+ views! Our influencers got super creative with their uses of the filter and loved being a part of this campaign! 🌟

The most impressive part of this campaign was the UGC and filter uses initiated by our original posts! The sound achieved 34,000+ posts and our custom filter reached 68,000+ uses! 📈

Filter uses:


Our filter creator struck gold once again by this filter reaching the top 1% of effects! We saw millions of views across these filter posts, racking up a grand total of 39 million views!

The filter has helped all of these organic creators achieve millions of views across their posts, which is amazing to see this impact even on posts that aren't activated through us! 

Another grand success with a custom-made filter driving millions of views and thousands of UGC! 🎢



60+ creations

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