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Creating millions of views on a campaign for the highest grossing film of all-time!

For this campaign, our aim was to drive creations on the Tik Tok sound 'Adiemus' from the original Avatar soundtrack.


We started picking up on popular content pillars already being used on the sound, such as travel and art, and decided to amplify these even further. 

The results?

Millions of views!!

We used our Zebr challenge feature to drive the most amount of creations and views on the sound, and managed to achieve 2M+ views in 48 hours.

By jumping on niche communities that were already emerging on the sound, we managed to get over 100 Tik Tok creators to connect to the sound and take part. We also managed to achieve our goal of driving attention back towards the original Avatar film, by focusing the majority of the content on the film!




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