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How we created 4.9M views within 24 hours for Cat Burns on TikTok

For this campaign we wanted to amplify a new trend spotted for the 2020 track 'Go'. Using the Zebr Challenge feature, we allowed the community of influencers to take part posting content and compete to win prizes for the best engagment.

The results?

A TikTok frenzy!!


We started the challenge at 5pm and it was finished by midnight! We achieved 170 videos and accumulated 4.1M views in less than 24 hours and 9.1M views after the first week. Within the 100+ videos we had a great mix of macro and micro creators with 16 videos reaching over 100k views and 6 videos over 500k views.

It also created the song to be tagged "Popular" on TikTok, pushed it to #4 on the "Trending Chart" and hit over 30k UGC, up from 18k before the Challenge. This was all for only a £5k budget.

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 23.49.27.png
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