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Creating on-brand content for the new Amazon Prime series Citadel, and bringing it to new audiences on TikTok!

Amazon Prime's new series 'Citadel' has been all over our screens, so we were SO excited when we got the opportunity to boost it to even more audiences!


To keep the content focused on the series itself (as well as keeping the videos engaging), we decided to run with a "spy-related" brief, which our creators got really involved with! 🕵️

We saw some emerging micro-trends from our first few videos and we decided to amplify these further. The trends we saw included:

  • 3 things I would take with me on a mission

  • Spying on your partner / family member

We can always tell that a brief is connecting well to our creators when micro-trends start to emerge!

The results?

We launched a singular challenge campaign and pivoted the brief throughout the process to stay ahead of the curve and push more content to be created following the emerging trends! 📈

We achieved almost 1M views in under 48 hours! The engagement rate for the campaign was an average of 8%, which is a great achievement for an average of 55 posts 🎉 

Our creators produced engaging content, and as a result we managed to draw attention towards Citadel and promote it to new audiences! 🔎

55+ creations



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