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50+ posts and 500k+ views from YouTube Shorts in under 24 hours for Creed's catalogued track 'Higher' 📈

Creed's 1999 song 'Higher' from their album 'Human Clay' had huge success at the time of release, reaching #7 on the Billboard Hot 100! We got on board in February 2024 to bring the song to new audiences on YouTube Shorts! 🔥

As YouTube has such a wide viewership base, the main aim of the campaign was song and band awareness, so we enlisted our creators to make creative music-focused content! 🪩

The results?

Within 24 hours, we achieved 50+ posts and 2.9K UGC on YouTube Shorts! 📈

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 15.54.04.png

Across these 50 posts, we achieved 500k+ views - incredible stats for 24 hours worth of content on YouTube Shorts! 🥳

All the posts shown above are from our incredible creators, who made some amazing music-focused content, resulting in a trend where creators were making hype posts for the band and "this is how this song feels" posts!

50+ posts


24 hours

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