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How we achieved #1 on the TikTok Music Charts and over 7M views and 100k UGC on TikTok with Digga D - Energy!

For this campaign, we decided to run a challenge to achieve the most amount of creations possible! 

We decided on a POV brief using the lyrics, to inspire music-focused content. Our TikTok influencers got creative with adding picture and video montage content to relate to the lyrics on screen, making the content even more engaging!

The results?

A single challenge campaign achieved millions of views in 24 hours! The campaign wrapped with over 70 posts from our creators and over 7M views!!


Although 95% of the content we produced were 17-24 y/o female creators, one particular "mum-fluencer" took part and overachieved on her average 300 views, to hitting 294k+ views!!

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-09 at 14.50.28.jpeg

The ripple effect of content helped generate over 100k UGC - driving the track to #1 in the TikTok Music Charts! 🔥

100k UGC



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