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How we created 600K+ views with our direct approach to push traffic towards Disney's Minnie Mouse Lofi Album

For this campaign, we teamed up with a dream client: Disney!! The mission on this campaign was to drive attention to the Minnie Mouse Lofi Album. We found this album to be perfect for helping people study, morning coffee, chilling out, to name a few. We targeted the types of influencers who create this kind of content, to get the very best content to represent the music!

The results?

Amazing quality videos!!

We approached this campaign by using our cherry-picking direct approach of selecting specific influencers to take part, which provided us with videos that were right on-point for the style of music!

This campaign introduced nostalgic tracks to the Gen-Z audience of Tik Tok, as well as targeting millennials, who would have grown up listening to these songs. Bringing these audiences' attention towards the Lofi playlist makes them much more likely to listen to it during their study/chill activities!

The campaign achieved over 600K views in only 6 videos!!

6cherry-picked creators



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