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Testing for the most reactive content for D.O.D - So Much In Love, achieving 10M+ views and a peak chart position of #15!

When we begin working on a sound that's new to TikTok, it's not always clear what the most reactive kind of content is for the sound, especially with a versatile song like this!

Our way to tackle this was to test the reactivity of the sound in multiple spaces so we could base our decision off of real data! We launched a small initial phase encouraging open brief content to see which of our creators resonated with the sound best!

Phase 1 - Testing reactivity

We saw some great posts from multiple areas that stood out to us, including gym, art, filters, fashion and festival memories! These results showed us some key areas where the sound was connecting, so we amplified these high-performing areas by running further phases focused just on these content pillars!

Phase 2 - Boosting high-performing content styles

The results?

Focusing on these content areas sky-rocketed the sound and achieved amazing results! We wrapped the campaign with 330+ videos and 10M+ views!! 🚀

The UGC grew rapidly over the course of the campaign, from having only a few hundred videos on the sound to 11,000+ videos! 📈

The song climbed its way up the charts and remained there for 20 weeks, peaking at #15!

337 creations



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