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Activating an Instagram campaign for Dua Lipa, achieving millions of views and doubling UGC! 📈

Dua Lipa's new album hit the scene and of course, trends started to emerge straight away! We got involved to push these initial trends further through our challenge feature, focusing on boosting UGC by encouraging a volume of content to go live within 48 hours 🚀

Fashion content, hype posts and lip-sync were the most reactive, so we asked our creators to make this kind of content, in order to maximise use of the budget by pushing only resonating content styles!

Our Challenge feature is a wonderful way to flood activated sounds with lots of creative content!


Challenges; influencers get pay-outs at certain view check-points - this is what incentivises creators to only take part in challenges that they truly resonate with and can create great content for! We notice a 30-40% increase in amount of material with challenges due to gamification, which also protects the budget for strong engagement.


The results?

Of course, so many of our creators wanted to take part in a Dua Lipa challenge, so we got some incredible quality content here as well as a great volume!

We achieved 40+ posts and 14M+ views across this campaign 🥳

The UGC doubled over the course of the campaign, resulting in 120K videos made using the 

Instagram sound! 

Through a singular challenge campaign, we were able to achieve great UGC on the sound, along with millions of views! 🕺

40+ posts



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