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Driving over 1 million creations on TikTok for Ed Sheeran 'Eyes Closed' and populating the sound with a unique filter!

When Ed Sheeran's new song 'Eyes Closed' arrived on our desk, we were so excited to get to work on it!


We decided to launch a challenge to gain the song a lot of traction and UGC on TikTok, as well as push some trends. We ran the challenge with an emotional content or 'eyes closed' related content brief!

Phase 1 - "fishing for trends"

Amazingly, we saw some great organic pick-up using an 'eyes closed' filter for POV content, so we decided to pivot the brief and push more creators to use this new filter as it fit so perfectly with the song!

Phase 2 - amplifying filter

The results?

The filter sent the UGC crazy, achieving over 1.3M videos on the sound! 

The song debuted at #1 in the UK charts, knocking 'Flowers' by Miley Cyrus off the top spot after her 10-week reign!

Through just 1 challenge campaign, we managed to achieve 87 posts and 1M+ views!! 🥳

125+ creations


87+ creations



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