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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My song got accepted, what happens now?"
    Once your song is accepted by the influencer, they will post on the requested date (if you did a campaign) or they will post within 7 days if you did not specify a date. You will be notified on the App with a link to the content.
  • What happens if my song gets declined?
    You get your coins back to spend again :)
  • Can I submit to the same influencer more than once?
    Yes, if you feel you want a second chance or they didn’t listen in time, then feel free to submit again or maybe try a different song.
  • Can I submit more than one song to an influencer?
    Yes, but you can only submit one song per submission.
  • Can they keep using my song forever, ever?"
    Forever, ever? No, once they accept your song they will have a 30-day licence to use your song on one of their social channels. The video or content they post within that time can remain online indefinitely.
  • Can I give the influencers "creative direction"?"
    YES! When making a submission, click the "add breif" option to give creative direction, add reference links and a date for posting.
  • Can anyone use my songs?
    No, only the influencers you choose to submit to.
  • How do I know the influencer doesn’t have fake followers?
    We have an approval process for every influencer that signs up, to make sure we bring you the best options. We vet their profile and base the price on engagement, not followers.
  • Where does the money / coins go?
    The majority of the coin value goes to the influencer. The rest goes toward transaction fees and hosting fees so that we can keep making Zebr better.
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