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How we achieved 1.5M+ views in 24 hours for a catalogued song from 2007

We teamed up with Universal to launch a song from their catalogue, originally released in 2007. This was a song we detected as beginning to trend on TikTok through our new feature that analyses emerging songs in the Tik Tok charts.

We formulated a trend utilising the lyrics of the song for creators to lean into, which centred around '8 things I like about myself'! This then populated the sound with videos using the trend, giving more chance of creators not on our app to jump on the emerging trend.

The results?

Over 1.5 million views in 24 hours!!

We launched this campaign using a singular challenge campaign to create as much UGC on the sound as possible. The content was incredibly music-focused, as it used elements of the lyrics, making the trend unique to the sound!

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