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Launching a pre-release campaign including our own custom-made 'Home Alone' filter to draw attention towards the movie ❄️

It's November 1st, which means only one thing... our Christmas campaigns have started!! 🎄 Getting a pre-release campaign ready 6-8 weeks before a big event can be crucial to a trend taking off and gaining success before the big day! Here's how we achieved massive amounts of success on a Christmas campaign in the first week of November...

Our filter creator strikes again with another custom-made filter! This time it was on iconic Christmas film 'Home Alone' and the soundtrack from the movie 🎬 We created a filter that tells you which Home Alone character you are and we saw amazing results!!

The results?

From the first post using the filter, this snowballed the UGC until it reached 13K creations - which was an incredible start to the campaign! This shows how reactive the filter is and how much creators wanted to jump on board, by one post encouraging so much organic uptake! 📈

The filter reached an incredible amount of creations and continued to push more videos on the sound! The filter even reached the top 1% of effects on TikTok!!

We reached some super impressive stats overall, including 250+ posts, 25M+ views and 125K+ UGC!!

We also started seeing the filter being used on songs from the soundtrack that we weren't activating, becoming the main effect used on multiple sounds!


Some more incredible stats include the song reaching No.12 on the TikTok sounds chart, as well as becoming the No.1 Home Alone filter on TikTok 🥳 

  • Instagram

Instagram Reels

We also did some incredibly successful activation on Instagram Reels, launching the same filter we had seen success with on TikTok and encouraging more 'Home Alone' content! Across just two sounds, we saw 20M+ views alone, breaking new records for our Christmas-themed campaigns!! 

We gained some more outstanding posts using our custom-made filter, as well as getting one of our activated sounds 'Trending' on Reels with over 135,000 uses!

This was all achieved within the first week of launching the campaign, giving us a great foundation and plenty of time to build upon these results! This shows how important starting early and gaining some insightful data into how the campaign will perform best is! ☃️

As the filters were connecting so well, we got our creator to make two more! The filters alone stacked up 117M+ views and all entered the top 1% of effects on TikTok!

Carol Of The Bells has peaked at No.72 in the UK charts thanks to the incredible impact created by spreading the songs over both Instagram and TikTok Reels, and our “Match Up” filters we attached this song to!

Overall, the campaign outperformed all expectations and is an excellent example of how viral a filter can go and amplify a campaign. UGC peaked across all sounds, with over 20k creations on Christmas Day alone! 🎄

380K+ filter usages

117M+ views

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