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Manufacturing a dance trend through challenge campaigns to spark 37 million views along with 170K+ UGC and 12 million Spotify streams 🐎

The energy of 'My Barn My Rules' was so infectious, we knew a trend would take off! We launched our combined challenge and direct approach in order to get a huge volume of posts on the sound and push fun dance trends 🕺 

We ran these challenges as open brief, while continuing to push the 'shoulder dance' trend! The uptake of this challenge was amazing, our creators jumped straight on it, achieving great results 🥳

The results?

We achieved millions of views from this campaign, resulting in 160+ posts and 37 million views!! 

The effect this had on the UGC was amazing, as we ended up with 75,000+ more videos on the sound than when we activated the campaign! We saw so many organic creations of people jumping on the sound to take part in the trend, showing just how quick the snowball effect can take course ❄️


The song also reached 12 million streams on Spotify in less than 3 months! 📈 Amazing to see another dance track reaching great success through the help of TikTok!

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