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Creating "Be Who You Are" themed-content for Jon Batiste's single in partnership with Coca Cola! 🥤

Jon Batiste's newest single featuring JID, NewJeans, Camilo and Cat Burns was released in partnership with Coca Cola through their Coke Studios! 

We were brought on-board to promote the song further through a paid organic campaign. The aim was to encourage videos that were having fun with the song and featuring summer content in the Coca Cola way! 🥤

Our aim with collaborative brand campaigns is always to create a volume of content that represents the values and image of the brand! We achieved this by asking creators to make fun content using the theme of "Be Who You Are" to mirror the name of the release!


The results?

Through running a singular challenge campaign, we achieved upbeat, quality content such as the amazing videos shown above! Our creators found this campaign so fun and love being a part of our brand campaigns ❤️

We achieved more than 55 posts and 600K+ views and bumped the UGC up to over 800 videos! 📈

55+ creations



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