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How we created 200+ posts and 22M+ views in 1 week for LF System - Afraid To Feel

Our most talked about campaign of the year (to date)... and we are here to share the secret recipe with you... (Mwahaha).

Using the Zebr Challenge feature, we allowed the community of influencers to take part posting content and compete to win prizes for the best engagment and then a cherry-picking approach to drive any creative trend we notice appearing from the  initial paid organic burst.

The results?

A rocked fuelled song hitting #1 on TikTok and the official charts!!! 🚀


The first In-App Challenge sparked a huge spike of content by creating 200+ pieces of content all posted at the same time. We started with an open brief which allowed 2 new trends to surface organically, doing the following; "What pills I'll be taking this summer... then cut to "hay-fever tablets" & "What's on your mind... cut to party/fun scenes".

We noticed the engagement on these particular posts was very strong, so following this we cherry-picked look-a-like creators to follow the same brief, which built even more UGC and 2 trends were born! Within 2 weeks, the UGC had sky rocketed from under 1k to almost 10k, so we continued the momentum with more content. The sound now sits at 200k UGC and has been at #1 in the UK Charts for 8 consecutive weeks! 📈



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