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Reaching over 1.2M videos on a sound on TikTok and helping to push the sound to #2 on the UK Official Charts!

We teamed up with 5K Records to launch a campaign for Libianca - 'People'. When we began working on this campaign, the song wasn't charting yet, and they were making a big push to get the song in the Top 40. 'People' ended up peaking at #2, and here's how we helped make it happen through TikTok 🥳

The campaign centred around the theme of mental health, to create music-focused content. We also jumped on the campaign at peak time, where the sound was beginning to trend. So it was our job to amplify and grow the sound further!

The results?

We launched a combination of our challenge and direct features to get the most amount of creations as well as pushing trends in the mid/macro spaces.

We reached 1.9M views on the campaign overall! The effect that this had was a bunch of UGC on the sound - over 1.2M to be precise!!

The momentum from the campaign helped drive the song gradually up the UK Official Charts, until it peaked at #2! This actually happened 15 weeks after the song's release!! This is another great example of how TikTok has influenced chart success and that if your song isn't charting in the first few weeks, there's no need to panic. Maybe it's time to look into a TikTok campaign instead... 😉

85+ creations



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