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How we achieved 50M+ views and 400+ influencer creations on TikTok for LUUDE 'Down Under'

For this campaign we wanted to rocket fuel to track 'Down Under' and replicate the success it was having in Australia over in the U.K. We created a master-plan over a 4-6 week period. We started by seeding the dance trend into micro communities in the UK using our In-App "Challenge" feature. This kicked off by generating 200 creations. Following this we cherry-picked macro and celebrity influencers with connections to Australia (including Peter Andre and his Daughter Princess) to amplify the trend even further in the UK scene.

The results?

We fly past the moon and reached The Sun!

We achieved a total of 400+ creations and 50M+ views. This helped increase the UGC on TikTok by 300% and shot the song into the UK Official Charts peaking at #5. Our content even featured in The Sun and The Mirror which helped push the song even further.

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