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Launching our first ever Instagram Reels Challenge and achieving millions of views in 24 hours!

We recently launched our long-awaited new feature: Instagram challenges!! And we thought what better song to launch with than one that's recently gone viral on TikTok! 

Mae Stephens - 'If We Ever Broke Up' has gained over 50K+ video creations on TikTok in under 2 months, so we decided to test it's reactivity on Instagram!

The results?

We ended up achieving over 14 million views in total by using our combined direct and challenge approach! We kept this as open brief, in order to maximise the number of creations, as well as to get the most creative content from our influencers as possible. From this, we saw lean-in from communities such as newly single creators, POV, fashion, dance and so much more!!

Our new Instagram challenge feature out-performed our expectations, and achieved over 2 million views in 24 hours! We also achieved over 70 posts from our creators and boosted the sound to over 2.1M Reels!!




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