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How we created an emerging trend to drive momentum to an original film soundtrack with TikTok dance creators!

We teamed up with Universal music to build traction to a new Original sound ‘Mahi Sona’, a Bollywood inspired track implemented in the wedding scene from ‘What’s Love got To Do With it’ Film. 

We could see this sound traveling very well across the dance space and makeup space, so we cherry-picked a handful of creators from our roster. As soon as we kickstarted the campaign, we spotted an emerging dance trend as well as Bollywood themed content taking off!

The results?

We achieved great community engagement through creating an emerging dance trend linked to the film 🎥

The hype around Bollywood music is extra high right now, with 'RRR' taking home the Oscar for 'Best Original Song' which features an epic Bollywood dance scene around the song. So the timing was perfect to be pushing the genre!

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