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How we created over 70M views and 3K+ pieces of UGC for Marvel's new video game 'Snap'

Our aim on this campaign was to draw attention towards Marvel's new video game 'Snap', by running a campaign on the official song for the game, 'Hero'.


We asked our creators to make Marvel related content on Tik Tok, to drive lots of people towards the new video game. In particular, we saw art, outfits and makeup content getting the most amount of creations, so it was our job to amplify this!

The results?

Over 70 million views!!

We launched multiple in-app challenges across different regions and resulted in over 325 influencer posts.

This led to a spike in user-generated content (UGC) of 3,000+ and a frenzy of Marvel fans posting their best content relating to the franchise!

325+ creations



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