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Activating a music-focused trend that pushed this song to #1 on Trending on Instagram through our challenge feature!

'Tadow' was another great moment for us, pushing an existing music-focused trend along with content that suits the style of the song, in order to reach audiences who can engage with the music!

We carried out our activation on Instagram Reels, running a challenge to gain a volume of content to encourage UGC on the sound - to say this was successful is an understatement! 📈

Our Challenge feature is a wonderful way to flood activated sounds with lots of creative content!


Challenges; influencers get pay-outs at certain view check-points - this is what incentivises creators to only take part in challenges that they truly resonate with and can create great content for! We notice a 30-40% increase in amount of material with challenges due to gamification, which also protects the budget for strong engagement.


The results?

We ended up achieving over 9 million views in total by using our challenge approach! The content we received from our influencers was so creative, using the song in ways that clearly engaged their audiences 🕺

From allowing our creators to make music-focused content, the trend using the lyrics caught on, spiralling the UGC! This took the song to #1 on the Trending songs on Instagram! 🥇

By the time we finished our activation, UGC had tripled to 900,000 videos on the sound! Another great example of how a trend can sky-rocket UGC 🚀

Our Instagram challenges continue to impress and send sounds through the roof! 📈

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