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How we created 300+ videos and 17M+ views with creators on TikTok in 48 hours

For this campaign, we worked with illumination and Decca Records to help boost UGC on TikTok the new Minions: The Rise of Gru. Using the Zebr Challenge feature, we requested the influencers to use the soundtrack sound "Turn Up The Sunshine' by Diana Ross/Tame Impala and create Minions related content to raise awareness of the new movie and song.

The results?

TikTok Minion madness!!

We started the campaign by injecting 100+ videos via our In-App Challenge feature, in 24 hours. This gave us a great sense of how creator would interpret the sound and creative we supplied.

Following this we noticed amplified further with a second and third Challenges briefing creators to make "Minions" related content and use a Minions dancing filter were relevant. This spark multiple pieces of UGC from other user jumping on the Minion madness. 

The campaign achieved a total of 300+ creations and 16.1M views, with the total creations on the TikTok sound hitting 4.5K UGC.

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