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Generating millions of views and designing a custom-made filter to gain awareness for Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning 🕵️

Another day, another iconic campaign 🥳

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning was released in July, and we jumped on board to help distribute the soundtrack via TikTok! Our aim throughout our film and TV campaigns is always to bring awareness to wider audiences through TikTok whilst keeping momentum and buzz high before the release!

We had our CapCut creator custom-make a "Tom Cruise run" filter to invoke comedy content whilst still relating back to the movie, and we also encouraged other spy related POV/content.

The results?

Through a combination of our direct and challenge features on the app, we were able to create a volume of posts, get a trending CapCut filter and achieve millions of views on Mission Impossible related content!

We achieved 110+ posts, 3 million+ views and over 9,000 uses of the CapCut filter!!

115+ creations


9K+filter usages

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