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How we achieved a #1 song on TikTok's trending chart with MIST feat. Burna Boy.

For this campaign, we worked closely with Warner Records to help explode this new release onto the TikTok scene. Using data from our roster of influencers we analysed that the song would be very suitable for creator communities in Sports, Cars, Oddly Satisfying and House Tours. The objective was to get a wide variety of content created in these spaces to encourage user generated content within these communities.

The results?

Our influencer network created 200+ videos and reached a total of 32.8M views. After just a couple of weeks of the influencers posting the content, the song exponentially grew with user generated content and reached a total of 103,000+ videos created. The song then topped TikTok's U.K. trending, 'Hip-Hop Fire' and 'Fun In The Sun' charts. 🏅🏅🏅

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200+ creations



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