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Boosting the #1 record on Billboard Hot 100 for 7 consecutive weeks & achieving over 141,000 UGC 🎉

Morgan Wallen's new song 'Last Night' started to gain some traction on TikTok and so naturally it caught our attention 👀


As there were no huge trends taking off on the sound already, we activated an open brief campaign to see what creativity our creators could come up with!

Phase 1

We saw some great reactivity from story-telling POV videos from this initial phase! When a trend emerges naturally like this, it's a great sign that the song is connecting to wide range of creators and audiences, and that the trend has strong relatability. 

We decided to launch a new phase focusing solely on the story-telling POV angle to amplify this trend further and drive more UGC on the sound!

Phase 2

The results?

This creative brief really drove UGC to the point where there were 22,000 more videos on the sound than when we started!

The campaign achieved over 150 videos and 2.2M views overall! 🥳

The effect this had on the charts was the song reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and staying there for 7 weeks consecutively!

150+ creations



125+ creations


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