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Activating open brief phases and a custom 'Saltburn' filter to drive attention towards the movie and 'Murder on the Dancefloor' from the soundtrack!

'Saltburn' made a big splash when it arrived on our screens in November, causing multiple sounds from the soundtrack to gain traction on social media. An original edit of 'Murder on the Dancefloor' started to take off on TikTok and we got involved to push it further!

We began running open brief phases to encourage UGC on the sound and boost general sound awareness on the app. We also wanted to push more attention towards the film release, so we enlisted our on-board CapCut creator to build a custom 'Which Saltburn character are you?' filter! 🧑‍🎨


  • TikTok

Our custom filter reacted incredibly well among our creators, generating 90 posts and 4M+ views! The filter then began to pick up organic traction on the app, surpassing 12,000+ uses!!

UGC on the original sound sky-rocketed, reaching 195,000+ videos with the help of our total 165+ posts and 7.5M+ views on TikTok! 🔥

Instagram Reels

  • Instagram

After the success of our open brief phases on TikTok, we carried this over to Instagram too! Our aim was to boost creations and recognition of the sound on Instagram. Open brief is an effective route for these objectives as it allows creators to make the content that suits their style the best, usually achieving high views! 🚀

Allowing our influencers to create the content they felt suited the sound best, we were able to push UGC to over 73,000+ videos

The song also reached #1 on the Instagram Trending sounds chart! 🥇

The results?

Our Instagram activation was hugely successful, amounting over 50M+ views, bringing our total statistics to 200+ posts and 58M+ views!! 🌟

The custom 'Saltburn' filter is continuing to build momentum on the sound and attention towards the film, whilst UGC on both platforms continues to build exponentially! Our total filter views built to 6.6M+ and it reached the top 1% of TikTok effects! 📈

So far, our activation has been successful in driving awareness towards the song and movie, and we can't wait to see what new heights the campaign reaches! 🎢

200+ creations



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