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Using our challenge feature to allow trends to emerge naturally on Noah Kahan's 'Dial Drunk', and by pushing these trends further, achieving 300+ posts, 8M+ views and 37K+ UGC!

We jumped on board Noah Kahan's song 'Dial Drunk' when it was in its early stages of creators jumping on the sound, and we managed to push this to over 37,000 videos on the sound! Here's how we did it...

At the beginning, there weren't any trends taking off on the sound, so we decided to run open brief challenges, pushing this into new territories each time to test reactivity. Through running these "fishing for trends" challenges, we saw two main themes of content emerging and starting to form trends organically! Those trends were:

Emotive POV


The results?

Through amplifying these two emerging trends by launching more challenges dedicated to just these content pillars, we managed to increase the UGC massively!

  • UGC rose by over 20,000 videos!! 📈

  • Our number of posts totalled over 300!

  • We achieved 8 million+ views!!

We also wrapped this campaign having achieved so many quality videos that reached a diverse range of audiences. The filter posts accumulated a high number views, whilst the POV posts lent themselves to many interpretations and therefore a wide range of viewers!

'Dial Drunk' became Noah Kahan's first Billboard Hot 100 song and peaked at #32!

300+ creations



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