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Activating three reactive trends across multiple songs from Olivia Rodrigo's 'GUTS' album - getting all sounds trending and UGC spiralling!

With 6 GRAMMY nominations, including "Album of the Year", Olivia Rodrigo's second album 'GUTS' has certainly made a splash in 2023 🛁 We had the pleasure of getting involved to help promote multiple songs as part of Olivia's album campaign, and as always, we made sure to get the best results possible 🥳

'Vampire' became the first release from the album, so we knew this would be an important one! We encouraged content that resonated with Olivia's existing fanbase, such as dramatic lip-sync videos! We ran our "challenge" feature to gain a volume of this content in order to drive more UGC on the sound 📈


We received some super creative content from our creators and ended up with some amazing results! Our total posts hit 65+, along with 1.8M views and most impressively, 300K UGC! When running our challenge feature, we are able to get a volume of posts, which partnered with more than one phase of activation, snowballed the UGC! 📈

get him back!

We began with an open brief challenge to encourage UGC and high views, and started to see a lip-sync / dance to the words trend taking off! To maximise our results, we then ran a further phase focusing just on this content style and achieved millions of views across Instagram Reels and TikTok!

Instagram Reels results:

  • 25+ posts 

  • 4.5M+ views

  • 10K+ UGC

TikTok results:

  • 45+ posts 

  • 1.5M+ views 

  • 115K+ UGC

ballad of a homeschooled girl

After seeing a trend take off on the sound already, we jumped in to amplify the "Sour vs Guts" trend, showcasing pictures of them when Sour was released and when Guts was released! Our top post (above) reached 1.5M views organically and the campaign was already off to a racing start 🏎️ The trend sky-rocketed the UGC to an insane 165,000 videos! An incredibly impressive part of the campaign was wrapping with an average 15% engagement rate across our 70+ posts, showing that our posts were engaging audiences extremely well, reaching a wider audience than your average campaign 🥳

The results?

Through activating 3 key songs from the album, we were able to achieve hundreds of posts, 12M+ views and 650K+ UGC!! 

After pushing reactive trends on each sound, we were able to optimise our results and spiral the UGC growth! All 3 songs became 'Trending' on TikTok and had incredible reach on the platform 🎉

Another massively successful campaign for viral TikTok songs! Thanks for having us as part of your amazing album campaign Olivia ❤️‍🔥

300+ creations



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