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Partnering with event-planning app 'Partiful' to spread awareness on TikTok through natural-looking content!

At the beginning of 2024, we partnered with Partiful, an event planning app, for a TikTok campaign aimed to spread awareness of the app to wider audiences!

Our aim is always to spread the word in a way that doesn't make viewers feel like they're watching an ad, in order to maintain watch-time and gain viewers' trust. To facilitate this, we made a custom filter in-house called "What's your party vibe?" to give creators some inspiration for the event they want to plan using Partiful! Filters are a well-known way to boost UGC and this worked as a great hook for the TikTok videos!

The results?

Through only 15 carefully-made videos from hand-selected creators, we achieved 250k+ views! We selected creators who make content about events on their profiles, so that the content looked authentic and creators were able to incorporate the content showcasing the app in a natural way 🕺

The content overall achieved 500+ saves, giving us a great indication that viewers wanted to come back and use Partiful 🌟

500+ saves

250k+ views

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