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Sparking and amplifying emerging trends on LeoStayTrill's 'Pink Lemonade', pushing it to #1 on the TikTok Music Charts just one month after activation!

LeoStayTrill's 'Pink Lemonade' came across our desks when there were under 1,000 videos using the sound. Now, with 300,000+ videos and the sound being No. 1 on the TikTok Music Charts, we're taking a look back at how we got here! 🥳

We launched multiple phases of this campaign, pivoting to reacting content styles as we progressed to maximise reach! Our most successful approach for increasing sound awareness and UGC are our "challenges", so we decided to start here with a lyric-based trend!

Our Challenge feature is a wonderful way to flood activated sounds with lots of creative content!


Challenges; influencers get pay-outs at certain view check-points - this is what incentivises creators to only take part in challenges that they truly resonate with and can create great content for! We notice a 30-40% increase in amount of material with challenges due to gamification, which also protects the budget for strong engagement.


Phase 1- 'flung my shoulder' trend

Our first phase of amplifying the 'flung my shoulder' trend got off to a flying start, with hundreds of creators entering and 6.5M+ views generated!

As this was connecting so well, we launched another challenge continuing with this content style, whilst still allowing creators to submit content that felt relevant for the song! Within this challenge, we achieved 11M+ views! 🚀

From using this trend, many of our dedicated and long-standing creators were significantly over-performing in comparison to their usual content! Creators who usually achieve 200-300 views were reaching 300,000+ views organically on their content by using this sound and trend!​ This was so rewarding to the label and our creators, and shows that you never know how posts can over-achieve!

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 11.01.17.png

Just one example of a huge over-performance on this post in comparison to average engagement! 📈

Phase 2 - pivoting to emerging trends

A new lyric-based trend surrounding the "hey pookie" lyrics emerged naturally within the community, so we decided to amplify this even further, to keep up with the trends spiralling on the app! Pivoting the brief quickly to reactive trends can be really key to continuing new reach and results on a campaign! 🔥

From this activation, we achieved another volume of videos and more millions of views!

Phase 3 - Open brief

To increase more sound awareness and UGC on the app, we launched an open brief phase! Many viral sounds start filtering into broader content styles once they reach a certain amount of usage, such as RAYE - 'Escapism.', and it is important to amplify this, as the song has potential to reach a plethora of new audiences by branching out to new spaces!

The results?

Overall, our activation generated 350+ videos and 15.5M+ views!! 📈

The song also entered the UK charts at #59 the same week as topping the TikTok Music Charts!

The UGC usage was the most impressive stat from the campaign, with 300,000 new videos made using the sound over the course of our activation!

A month after beginning activation, the sound was pushed to #1 on the TikTok Music Charts! 🔥

350+ creations



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