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Get your music played by Twitch streamers via the Zebr App

Twitch was watched for more than 5bn hours in Q2 2020. Twitch’s community of game streamers often want to use music in their broadcasts, and now the Zebr App has made it possible for artists to send music to Twitch Streamers!

So, how can artists get their music played by Twitchers?

Simply download the Zebr App and browse through Twitch streamers, view their stats and what music they like. Go the the ‘influencers’ page, press ‘filter’ > Twitch. Now you can see all the Twitch streamers on Zebr. Then upload your song and choose people submit to. Once they accept your song, they will add your song to their “streaming playlist” on Spotify and play your song during a live stream. Giving you massive exposure to their audience, who can then also stream your song via the Spotify playlist.

What is Twitch? Twitch is a video live streaming service, popular for streaming games like Fortnite, Mine Craft and FIFA.

As a reminder of how much bigger gaming is on Twitch, streams of people playing new game Valorant were watched for 534m hours in Q2 according to the Streamlabs / Stream Hatchet report – averaging 178m hours a month, making that single game more than 10 times more popular than the entire music and performing arts category.

Download the Zebr App now and start sending your music to Twitch streamers!


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