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Gaining millions of views on Instagram Reels through a Valentine's Day themed 'Puppy Love' challenge 💘

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we thought what better catalogued sound to run activation on than Paul Anka's iconic "Puppy Love" 🐶

We ran an Instagram challenge, encouraging our creators to make love-themed content, including relationship recaps and Valentine's Day plans ❤️‍🔥

The results?

The challenge was a huge success, with the campaign wrapping in 24 hours! Our top two posts both achieved 6.5M views each, over-performing significantly on their average engagement when using the sound! 🔥

The UGC spread so far, that even Kylie Jenner jumped on board the sound to create her own video!! 💌

In total, we achieved 40+ posts and 16 million views!! This encouraged the UGC to rise by 11,600+ videos to 140,000+ videos on the sound! 🌹

By gaining a volume of posts, we were able to flood the Instagram sound with relevant content that inspired other creators to use the sound themselves, and gain posts from influential creators on both Instagram and TikTok! 💞

40+ posts



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