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Helping RAYE achieve her first UK #1 single with over 34 million views!

RAYE's single "Escapism." came to our attention back in November 2022, when it was starting to pick up naturally on TikTok. We decided on the theme of 'dumb decisions' to create music-centred content!


We also decided to test a range of different sounds, including a sped up and super sped up version! The sped up sound started to be the most reactive, so we targeted our spend all into this sound. We also started noticing our creators beginning to be super creative with their content - so we started launching open brief phases and saw some amazing videos!

The results?

Through just 2 challenges and a direct campaign, we achieved over 34 million views on the sped up sound!! The knock-on effect was a huge amount of UGC, with the sound achieving over 370,000 more videos since we started our activation!

'Escapism.' ended up becoming RAYE's first number 1 single in the UK! 🎉

300+ creations



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