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Accumulating over 20M+ views and 39,000+ UGC on Instagram Reels through our Challenge feature!

After the success of 'Murder on the Dancefloor' and its remixes on TikTok, we took this across to Reels to continue the momentum!🚀

We asked creators to make content representative of the song, such as uplifting content, vibey fashion content and POV 🥳 We ran our challenge feature to gain a volume of content on the sound, boosting the UGC on Instagram!

Our Challenge feature is a wonderful way to flood activated sounds with lots of creative content!


Challenges; influencers get pay-outs at certain view check-points - this is what incentivises creators to only take part in challenges that they truly resonate with and can create great content for! We notice a 30-40% increase in amount of material with challenges due to gamification, which also protects the budget for strong engagement.


The results?

We achieved some incredible posts from the challenge, showing how much fun our creators have had with the sound 🌟

In total, we achieved 65+ posts and 20M+ views from a singular challenge campaign!

The UGC boosted by 34,000+ new videos (having started at 5,000) to a total of 39,000+ videos on the sound! 📈

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 16.28.58.png

65+ posts



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