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How we created Unholy amounts of attention on TikTok for Sam Smith and Kim Petras!

We worked on the TikTok campaign for one of the biggest tracks of 2022 and we are here to share the secret recipe with you!!

We started by A/B testing original sounds with our In-App Challenge feature on TikTok and tracking them very closely… 

Sam's original sound had 52 posts on it when we began activating influencers, and after the first Challenge it started to explode! We activated a trend where we asked creators to have a confused reaction to the song, as this marked a new era of music for Sam!


Sam also duetted the best performing posts on TikTok which helped extend the awareness further! 🤩

The results?

We saw incredible results from this campaign - the sound was growing 20k+ creations a day until the song's release over a month later!


In total we helped create 500+ influencer videos and 120M+ views!!🎉

The song hit #1 in the UK for multiple consecutive weeks, as well as #1 on the TikTok charts, #1 in the US and many other countries globally!! 🌎

The UK official charts' words on how TikTok influenced the success of the release!

500+ creations



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