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How we created Unholy amounts of attention for Sam Smith and Kim Petras

One of the biggest tracks of the year (to date)... and we are here to share the secret recipe with you... (Mwahaha).

We started by A/B testing original sounds with our In-App Challenge feature on TikTok and tracking them very closely… 

Sam's original sound started with 52 post when we began activating influencers, and after the first Challenge it started to explode. The original brief was for creators to down play the track with text such as "Sam Smith wtf is this?" and then cut to them vibing out when on the drop! Sam also duetted the best performing posts which helped extend the awareness further! 

The results?

A rocked fuelled song hitting #1 on TikTok and the official charts!!! 🚀


With some influencer targeting and a pinch of luck the sound exploded and was growing 20k creations A DAY until the worlds thirst for the song built up so much that it was released today! We then shifted our focus over to the official sound on TikTok, and again injected a Challenge with a topping of macro creators. This helped drive the sound to 100k UGC.


In total we helped create 500+ influencer videos and 120M views! (That's a lot of millions).



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