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Our first brand collaboration with Slimfast & Big Narstie to achieve music-focused content that was representative of the brand!

Our first brand collaboration came from Slimfast's new campaign featuring music from Big Narstie, and it was our job to push this music further on TikTok! 🥤

In order to get content relating to Slimfast as well as making the content representative of the brand, we came up with some brief options for our creators to choose from. This allows us to test where the strongest content ideas come from by using the data that is generated from our challenges.

  • Option 1: Examples of 'working hard' vs 'playing hard

(keeping the theme from the brand's campaign at the forefront)

  • Option 2: Using the music to lip-sync to and transition on the beat

(keeping the content music-focused while relating to current TikTok trends)

Phase 1 - Testing multiple briefs to see what resonates

We saw so many amazing posts through this initial phase, with a total of 90 posts and over 1.3M views!

Through this phase, we saw a lot more posts using the "work hard, play hard" creative brief! It allowed creators to use their own montage footage and mould the trend to their own style of content.

From these findings, we decided to amplify this trend with another challenge based solely on this brief. This allowed us to get a huge amount of videos in this style!

Phase 2 - amplifying findings to form a trend

The results?

This wave of content gave us a final result of 240+ posts and 2.4M+ views!

The TikTok sound was filled with videos following the "work hard, play hard" trend in time to the music, providing us with the music-focused content we intended to achieve when starting the campaign!

Our aim was to drive content that was representative of the brand and it's messaging for the campaign, and through achieving hundreds of trend-following posts, we managed to make this a reality! 🥳

240+ creations



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