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Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse

The activation of film-focused content and how this generated half a million UGC on TikTok

The long-awaited Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse film has finally arrived, and we got the opportunity to push this to further audiences via TikTok! 🕷️

We decided to use multiple sounds from the soundtrack to give our creators a choice of which sound they gravitated towards the most! This always gives us a great idea of which tracks will be most reactive on the platform.

We also gave our creators an option of Spider-Man related briefs: POV of a canon event or using a 'Which Spider-Man are you?' filter, which are both styles of content that are great for boosting UGC!

The results?

We saw a huge difference in entries happening on the sounds - 93 videos on sound 1 and 26 videos on sound 2! This clearly showed us that sound 1 had a lot more potential of virality and UGC on TikTok - so we amplified this sound with more creations!!

Collectively across the two sounds, we achieved 1.2M+ views and over half a million pieces of UGC, meaning we'd definitely done our job right! 📈

This drew more awareness towards the film due to a burst of Spider-Man related content being uploaded to TikTok within a 48-hour window and the 'canon event' trend being seen everywhere!

115+ videos

1.2M+ views

500K+ UGC

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