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Populating a sound with a filter that went viral and achieved over 10,000 UGC and 25M+ views!

We started activating Stephen Sanchez - 'Until I Found You x Lonely Girl' when it had 1 video on the sound, so we decided to launch an initial phase as open brief to see what trends emerged naturally!

Phase 1

This post emerged from our initial phase, which had great reactivity!! We started to see creators jumping on the filter used in this video, so we decided to amplify the filter use! This brief was easily replicable and also tied into the theme of the song, so the content was still super music-focused. Therefore, we launched phase 2!

Phase 2

The results?

The filter sent the UGC crazy, achieving over 10,000 videos on the sound! 

Through just 2 challenge campaigns, we managed to achieve 172 posts and 17M+ views!! 🥳

The sound on TikTok is now completely populated with the use of the filter!

125+ creations


170+ creations



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