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Helping to push Steve Lacy's 'Bad Habit' to #1 in the UK and US on an original sped up sound culminating in 370K UGC 📈

Steve Lacy's 'Bad Habit' was an exciting one for us to work on, as we jumped on as it was starting to take off on TikTok! Our job was to amplify strong organic results that were already occurring and sky-rocket the UGC! 🚀 Of course, we managed to achieve this, and here's how...

We ran our first challenge as open brief to allow for the highest number of entries and views, as our creators can make content that best suits their audience. This amounted in huge view counts as well as the emergence of the trend that sparked the boost of UGC 📈

The results?

We launched a second challenge to amplify this POV trend using the lyrics "It's a bad habit" and achieved some great results in terms of views and UGC!

Overall, we achieved 190+ posts and 4.5M+ views, whilst sparking 370K UGC!! The song became 'Trending' on TikTok and the UGC snowballed from there!

'Bad Habit' ended up as #1 in the UK and US Charts and has currently achieved 850 million streams!! 

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