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Reviving a classic song from almost 30 years ago and utilising TikTok to bring it to a whole new audience!

'Alright' by Supergrass is a classic song, originally released in 1995, and we teamed up with Sony Publishing to deliver this song to a whole new audience on TikTok!


We also decided to run a campaign that focused on being young and growing up in the 2000s, to encourage music-focused content that was relatable to a wide audience on TikTok. With the song also being featured in the hit teen movie 'Clueless', surrounding the theme of being young also tied into the heavy association with the film!

The results?

Through running a singular challenge campaign, we managed to get a huge amount of quality videos that focused on the theme of being young! We also achieved over 4.7M views in just 67 posts 🥳


We sparked over 1000 videos in UGC on the sound off the back of this campaign!

67 creations



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