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Capitalising on an organic trend taking off on an original sound of Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' and achieving millions of views!

Following an organic trend gaining traction on an original sound of 'Teenage Dream', we got involved to monopolise on this organic take-off! 🚀

As the trend was a lip-syncing format, we asked creators to make similar content, with high energy, as this trend was already connecting and building the UGC 🔥

Organic trends give us great data on how we can catapult UGC, as TikTok thrives on creator-generated trends and a sense of community. Using this data to launch a challenge with, enlisting our pool of creators to add a volume of posts to the sound, gains the trend a lot more eyeballs! 👀 This can then snowball UGC into a viral trend!

Our Challenge feature is a wonderful way to flood activated sounds with lots of creative content!


Challenges; influencers get pay-outs at certain view check-points - this is what incentivises creators to only take part in challenges that they truly resonate with and can create great content for! We notice a 30-40% increase in amount of material with challenges due to gamification, which also protects the budget for strong engagement.


The results?

Through two challenge campaigns, we achieved 200+ posts and over 5 million views! 🚀

This activation helped to build the UGC by over 120,000 new videos! This resulted in 154,000+ videos on the original sound 🌟

We helped get this sound to an amazing amount of UGC on a song released back in 2010! 

200+ posts



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