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Creating an authentic campaign for The Police - 'Roxanne' that pushed relatable trends for TikTok users to jump on and as a result boosted UGC by thousands!

Another iconic song came across our desk to resurrect and bring to new audiences on TikTok, and we got to work straight away on our plan to create an original yet engaging campaign 🧑‍💻

Our aim for this campaign was to gain volumes of content that are representative of the band's image and audience, as well as making the content relatable to the younger audience on the app! By making the content engaging to younger audiences, we can create new trends and reach wider viewership by the videos achieving high views! 📈

Phase 1 - Encouraging initial trends

From this first phase, we saw some amazing vintage-style content from our creators who were fans of The Police and created content that felt authentic to them and their viewers! The amazing thing about our challenges is that they draw in creators who are already fans of the artist, so the content feels really natural and resonates with the target audiences!

We launched a second phase, amplifying the "red light" filter, as this created some amazing music-focused content that relates to current trends on the app 🚨 We also included vibey, retro style content to continue bringing in existing fans of the band!

Phase 2 - Boosting reactive pillars

The results?

This campaign picked up so well among our creators, resulting in 140+ posts! We saw some great pick-up from the "red light" filter with transitions, which also sparked some amazing UGC! 

The videos amounted to over 2.7M views and 7,700+ UGC! It was great to see so many organic creations being made on the sound over the course of this campaign, as it showed how effective our activation had been! 🎉 We wrapped this campaign with some really quality videos that were music-focused, authentic to the fanbase and pushed new and exciting trends on the sound!

140+ creations



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