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Partnering with TikTok to launch a viral custom-made 'Bratzify me' filter with over 720,000 uses 🚀

We worked with TikTok directly for this campaign and helped them to launch a custom-made filter through one of their on-board filter creator with the song 'loverboi' by Izzi De-Rosa! We engaged the Bratz fanbase by creating a 'Bratzify me' filter where you can customise your own Bratz doll 💋

The filter was a really engaging concept, as rather than TikTok users waiting for a filter to generate a picture on-screen, it allows them to create their own Bratz look-a-like!

The results?

The filter has had an amazing response on TikTok, with currently over 620,000 uses!! 

This drove 20,000 new pieces of UGC on the TikTok sound, populating the sound with the use of the 'Bratzify me' filter! 💄

By creating a different format for a filter, we've created a clearly engaging concept that Bratz fans have wanted to jump on! Consequently, this connected to other Bratz fans watching the content, which has spiralled the filter usages and up-take of the song!! 📈

620K+ filter usages

30k+ UGC

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