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Activating key creators within artistic spaces to gain relevant content to Troye Sivan's audience on YouTube Shorts ❤️‍🔥

YouTube Shorts are an incredible way to reach new audiences, especially when you have creators like ours that can reach millions of viewers in a single video! Troye Sivan - One Of Your Girls was a huge release in 2023 and we decided to reach even more audiences through YouTube Shorts activation 🥳

We allowed our influencers to be creative in the videos, targeting creators who have similar audiences to the artist! By hand-selecting creators to take part, we can reach thousands of viewers within the right spaces 🕺

The results?

Within this activation, we managed to achieve 3.9M+ views!! Our top post became the highest viewed video on the sound on YouTube, along with our campaign boosting the UGC by 1,700+ videos to a total 2,800! 📈

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 10.32.49.png

Alongside this, we ran some activation on TikTok, to monopolise on the success of emerging trends on the sound. Here, we achieved 150+ videos and 5.2M+ views, helping to boost UGC by 49,000 more videos to a total 62,000+! 🔥

The song reached #11 in the UK, Troye's highest UK chart position since 2019, remaining in the charts for 15 weeks! 🏆

160+ posts



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