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Encouraging 1.5M+ UGC on Tyla's 'Water' by amplifying dance and emerging trends! 🕺

GRAMMY award-winning artist Tyla had a big year in 2023, with 'Water' becoming #1 on the TikTok Music Charts 🕺

By encouraging the dance trend and amplifying emerging organic trends, we were able to contribute to this process by activating our community of creators to generate posts achieving millions of views! 📈

Phase 1 - Encouraging the dance trend

The initial trend taking off on the sound was the dance trend started by Tyla herself, so we amplified this with our amazing pool of dance creators! After this initial burst of creations, UGC was rising by an average of 20,000 new videos each day, so we knew it was time to launch phase 2!

We launched the second phase, broadening the creative ideas so that we could gain some content relatable to a wider range of audiences, in order to spark more trends on the sound! 🚀

Phase 2 - Amplifying organic trends

The results?

We saw more trends emerging using the sound, such as the "Playing this sound to see if he looks" trend, which achieved millions of views just on our initial post!

We achieved a total of 100+ posts and 8 million views, with the sound totalling 1,525,000+ videos!!! As the sound had with 331 videos when we began activating, this was some incredibly impressive growth of over 1.5M new videos! 🥳

Water achieved #4 in the UK and spent over 20 weeks in the charts! It also reached #1 on the TikTok Music Charts and Tyla won the GRAMMY for Best African Music Performance for 'Water' 🌊

100+ creations



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